Strike Force Heroes Hacked

Strike Force Heroes

New great action shooter with 15 missions and over 65 various types of weapons. At start, you can select some of the offered types of game. We prefer to play campaign to see complete story. At first mission, you play as a Scientist who works on some deadly biological viruses, but some unknown terrorist is popped in and start shooting. Try to escape from your lab and find a soldier who is going to save you. To pass a current level you need to kill a certain number of enemies, try not to die too many times because you'll need to start the game from the start. On every next level, you'll need to kill a certain number of enemies to pass it. After every passed level you got the new weapon to use. Gain more EXP. points to upgrade your soldier with armor and power ups. Strike Force Heroes hacked is really addictive and once you start it you'll not quit until you finish it. Also, you can play multiplayer with another player from the rest of the world. Have fun.

Strike Force Heroes hacked

Here is presented a hacked version of the great shooting game from the creators of Raze. Strike Force Heroes Hacked is a game for boys and belongs to the category of fighters. Fighting actions will take place in the laboratory, lost island jungles or the factory that is similar to one where Terminator was destroyed with a train. If you are a keen gamer then you will definitely know that special hacked modes, powers, and abilities are very important in the game that features 65 different types of comprehensive weapons offered to you for completion of 15 missions. Unlock them and be sure that you will not lose the data .There are three game modes, just pick the one you want. The game contains customizable characters with a lot of skills and abilities. Pick a medic, mercenary with a sniper rifle, commandos or bruiser tank. You are able to change the character class after each death in a dreadful battle. Remember that there are certain classes of characters as well as weapons that fit some different situations. transformice pirata For example, the sniper rifle is not very effective on small maps. Some types of soldiers from the strike force are more suited for fighting with others as a tank better resists snipers or explosions. The more you play with a certain type of character, the faster it grows and becomes able to use new weapons, new abilities, and mortal attack. To experience such a great game, it is very important to use special cheats and hacks. That’s why we offer Strike Force Heroes Hacked that gives the players unique opportunity to enjoy perfect shooter experience. Remember that besides using hacks, it is essential to pick up kits and shells as quickly as possible. Frantic reloads in the woods will definitely help you achieve the main objective in this game as enemies are coming back on the map in just a few seconds with full ammo. Level up four unique classes to unlock more than 65 weapons and adjust the quality of equipment. In Strike force heroes hacked each mission has its own purpose and style of play: 1. Battle of Death (death match) where you have to defeat the opposing team with numerous kills 2.

Strike Force Heroes 3 hacked

Domination where you have to capture, hold and control points. 3. CTF (Capturing the Flag) where you need to grab a briefcase with important data of the opponent, making sure that the opponent has not done the same. Apart from companies you can play more complex games like Call or fast game. But some players prefer companies as they offer full stories. Start the story and fill yourself up with thousands of missions, all of which are important to complete, upgrade your characters’ abilities and equip them with dozens of guns and armor. The game offers beautiful graphics, good quality voice and ongoing challenges that really put your skills to the test. With the Strike Force Heroes Hacked, you are able to improve health, earn unlimited cash, ammo or points. So, take part in the whole story, in which your team will save humanity once again.

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